The Farmer and the Fox

A Farmer was greatly annoyed by a Fox, which came prowling about his yard at night and carried off his fowls. So he set a trap for him and caught him; and in order to be revenged upon him, he tied a bunch of tow to his tail and set fire to it and let him go. As ill-luck would have it, however, the Fox made straight for the fields where the corn was standing ripe and ready for cutting. It quickly caught fire and was all burnt up, and the Farmer lost all his harvest.

Moral of the story

Revenge is a two-edge sword.

We all have been betrayed, hurt, disrespected, etc. by someone who we loved and trusted. Or, it could even be by a perfect stranger. However, we have all said “I’m gonna get their ass back” or “Payback’s a b****!” (Or something along those lines). However, like the story describes, revenge is something that should not be sought out. Why? Because seeking revenge or even holding a grudge can do more harm than good. Sure, it may be great for someone to experience how you felt when they betrayed you; however, is it really worth it? You spent your time and energy wondering (and even planning) how that person is going to feel your wrath because you’re angry at what they did to you. What happens as a result? That person is still in control of your life whether if you realize it or not because you’re so wrapped up in what they did, it takes time and energy away from you moving forward. We just have to let it go and move on. There have been many people who lost their sense of self, their freedom, and even their lives because they wanted revenge. If you’re in that position, ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” Life has so many things to offer, why block your positive energy and blessings over someone who did not deserve to be in your life? Think before you act. When one acts on pure emotions, it can get the best of them. Slow it down, breathe, and then figure out how you’re going to move on because not worrying about them is the best “revenge.”

Leviticus 19:18
Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself.



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