2012-2013 School Year Reflections

Embark on this journey with me…

February – May 2012 I completed my student teaching practicum for my Masters program. With much procrastination, love, and support from my friends and coworkers I graduated and got my preliminary credential in August. In addition, I was interviewing for jobs, landed one in the same district that I’ve been working with and quit my previous job.

Being a Rookie, it was a major leaning curve for me. But it was a challenge I was willing to take. My department was very supportive, other colleagues took me under their wing to show me the ropes. I am thankful for that, they might not know…but naturally I am observer; I may notice something and use my observations in my own classroom to tweak something that I was working on.

A big lesson I learned was the difference between our generations. I’m old enough to be their aunt and I continually reflected on how I was during junior high and looked at how my students behaved. I randomly had my “Mom rants” (one of my students called it) from time to time. It was weird that I was told “You remind me of my mama”, or I was called “Mom” or even “Mommy.” I remember calling a good friend of mine and said “Man what the hell I was called mommy today! I don’t know how to take that!” They laughed and said that it probably was a good thing because I provide consistency. But, I have no kids of my own so it was weird to be called that. *shudders* lol.

The worst thing I would have to say about this school year was experiencing the growing pains. Here are two of the big lessons:

  • I had to balance my personal life, my Sorority life, BTSA, and my classroom life. That was a lot to handle! There would be times I forget a deadline or a meeting because I’m so focused on one aspect of my life and I would just be pissed about it. But, it was a growing pain I had (and still have to) experience. I survived. I learned my lessons. I need to apply what I learned into next year and many years to come.
  • One of my classes was stressful, and it damn near burned me out because  there were many times where it seemed as if there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I can honestly say I shut down in that class and was emotionless, which is not my nature at all. However, I stuck with it and I survived the year.

The best thing I would have to say about this school year was getting to know my students and coworkers. A lot of different personalities to deal with, which can be overwhelming, but it was worth the challenge. Also, it was great being able to joke around with my students and have random conversations. Being one of the youngest teachers there, I can say I had a bit of an advantage because I’m able to relate with them a little bit because they were pretty shocked that I knew some of the lyrics of songs that they listened to. In addition to me getting to know the students, they got to know me as well. They knew my facial expressions…when I looked a certain way, they knew when to knock it off. They knew that I was a sucker for big hoop earrings and shoes…lol…

Lastly, it is nice to know that I will have a job next year! It’s common for newer teachers to not know their status for next year, but with a supportive administration, I was able to find out before the last day of school.

I am thankful for the experiences thus far…next year should be interesting. More growing pains and transitions await. August 28th, will approach quickly, I will enjoy this summer while it lasts!



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