Back At It Again

It’s been what? 5 months since I’ve posted here? I need to get back into the habit of doing so. But I am glad I am back — for now 🙂

2002 was the last Mother’s Day I spent with my mother. She passed away in December 2002, losing her battle of cancer. Mother’s Day 2003 was the first time I was unable to wake my mom up with a card and a flower (or any other gift I gave her). Being 18 at the time, it was hurtful. So many things were happening during that time —  I just sent in my intent to register to UC Santa Cruz (#SlugLife), I turned 18, I was getting ready for prom, I was getting ready to graduate on June 19th and spend my last summer at home before I went to college.

It’s been 10 years. Crazy, right? In 10 years, I’ve been through many ups and downs; peaks and valleys; trials and tribulations. But, I have done what she wanted me to do — which was to get an education and be the first of her children to graduate college. She always had high expectations of me and I made sure I went above and beyond to make her proud. I found my passion, which is to teach. When I was younger we’ve had conversations of me going to medical school to be a doctor…but I think she’s proud of the fact that I want to make more of an impact in the community as a teacher. I’ve told countless stories about my mom to my friends, and they can see that she’s very much alive in my heart and that her spirit is still around.

Mother’s Day was (and still is) something special to me because although I appreciated my mother every day, it was a special day for HER to relax and see how much of an impact she’s made on not only myself but also people in her circle. I hope that in heaven she sees the same impact.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother. The tears I’ve cried these last few days have been both happy and sad. Happy to know that you are okay. Sad to know that I won’t see you for a while. But all I have to do is look in the mirror because I look just like you (minus the light skin tone and freckles!) to know that you’re still around. Thank you for everything. I love you, I miss you, words cannot express how much.

Side Note:

If you haven’t called your mother (or any woman who has made a motherly impact on you) to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, please know and understand that life is too short to let special times like these go by. Appreciate her as much as you can. Show and tell her you love her.

Stay blessed! *Deuces*



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