:: Let Me Breathe! ::

These last couple of years have been wonderful! I’ve witnessed some of my close friends get married, some are expecting or already had a child, just wonderful life changing experiences for everyone. Those experiences have brought on a lot of questions some of my friends and folks who I consider family…

“When are you gonna get married?”

“When are you going to have a child?”

“Are you happy being single?” 

“Why can’t you be like your friends and find someone special in your life?”

And the questions continue!!! And I’m like “DAMN! Let me LIVE!” I’m 27 years old, starting a brand new chapter in my life, have no kids, and I am happy with that. Granted, I know they care, but Lord have mercy! Here’s a newsflash! Contrary to popular beliefs, not everyone who’s in their mid to late twenties are focused on becoming a husband/wife or even a parent. Seriously. Stop putting those stereotypes and labels that you may live by onto me! Let me live MY life the way I want to! 

Can I live? Lol



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