:: QOTD: Service! ::

“Unless a life is lived for others, it is not worthwhile.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

This is me written all over it! Naturally, as a Pisces (stand up Piscean nation!), I tend to do more for others than myself. This is why I am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated- I wanted to be a part of something that thrives on Service, which is one of our principles instilled in our organization by our Founders. This is why I want to go into the teaching profession because I want to give students an education and life skills they can use to be able to flourish as young adults in their respective communities. This is why I spend a lot nights listening and talking to my friends and family because I want others to be happy and well. This is why I work in my current job to show my students that there are people who believe in them and know that they can and will do great things if they set their minds to it. There is so much that I do, because I want to see others doing well in their lives. That makes my life worthwhile. I am blessed to say that I am a servant who thrives on doing things to help others better themselves. This makes my life worthwhile…do what it do.. pay it forward!


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