:: Stop Complaining….. ::

I have come across some complaining people this week! Let me put some things in perspective…if you’re complaining about something, do something to change the situation.

If you’re one complaining about your job, be thankful that you’re not a part of the 8.2% unemployment rate. Either suck it up and be happy that you have a damn job, or change your situation by finding a new job.

If you’re one complaining about your relationship, either break up with the person, or be proactive and find a way to fix whatever is wrong. Communication is key when maintaining a relationship! Talk to the person about it!

If you’re a female who complains about how there aren’t any good men in this world, or a man that complains that there aren’t any good women in this world…take a look in the mirror…maybe it’s the person staring back at you who needs to change…or maybe you’re too busy compromising and settling for less just to be in a relationship…how about you just enjoy being by yourself and take care of yourself for a change?

If you’re always doing for others but they never are supportive of you…cut them loose!

This was me earlier…complaining about how people in my life are either changing towards me or acting super fake. What am I going to do to change the situation? Move forward and realize that there are people who have my best interest at heart and focus on building a strong friendship with them. Seasons happen, and maybe they were just a season and their time is over…as a result, it’s time for me to move on.

I appreciate the person who helped me put things into perspective and told me “You’re being the same type of person you’re talking about…change it.”

So I’m passing that helpful advice on to someone who may need it! Peace & Blessings



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