:: Today’s Rant… (lol) ::

I read a story that brought up some emotions in me today. A death row inmate in North Carolina wrote a letter to a local newspaper describing his experience in prison. Mind you, this man was sentenced to death for suffocating a 17-year-old girl and two other women.

In the letter he discussed the “warped judicial system” will ensure he will live for decades even though he’s been sentenced to death. Why? Two things…one is that he is slated to go back on trial for another murder in a couple of months, which can add more time. Second, the most apparent reason… appellate process!! This process can take years! Yes I understand that people do not receive a fair trial but if you’re admitting to a crime like he basically did, then why even try to go through an appellate process? O_o

In the letter he wrote,

“Is the public aware that the chances of my lawful murder taking place in the next 20 years if ever are very slim?”

“Is the public aware that I am a gentleman of leisure, watching color TV in the a/c, reading, taking naps at will, eating three well-balanced meals a day?”

This brings back feelings of irritation I have with the judicial system. Why? Because as a law-abiding citizen that busts their ass on their job while attending school full-time is supporting inmates that have it made in prisons. Granted, this is in North Carolina, but what about California? As I’m sitting at work, busting my ass day in and day out, and earning a paycheck that both the state and federal government are taxing the hell out of for someone who committed a crime (either violent or nonviolent) to have it made in their jail cells? How much money is being coughed over to the prison system to maintain such living conditions? There are many law-abiding citizens that are living on streets with a glimmer of hope, but to receive three hot meals, a living corridor, and leisure time, all they have to do is commit a crime?

By all means, I respect people who work in these conditions, they, too, need money to keep the prison going. Myopinion is that there needs to be some type of reform in these prison systems. If there was a more efficient and fairjudicial system, and people really had a fair trial, then the appellant process should be reformed as well. But at this rate, only one can hope and wish right?  For someone to murder three people and is going to be on trial for another one in the upcoming months living in these type of conditions shows that his “punishment” isn’t well suited for the crime.

Let me end with this…he wrote:

“I am a man who is ready to except his unjust punishment and face God almighty with a clear conscience unlike you cowards and your cowardly system. Kill me if you can, suckers. Ha! Ha! Ha!”

….For real. Let me stop. This is the exact response he was looking for from someone, smh lol. But I am done with my rant! Peace and blessings!


One thought on “:: Today’s Rant… (lol) ::

  1. His concluding sentence is truly disgusting, however, I do believe he has a point. The ‘justice system’ in the U.S. has fallen to such a low standard. It is a business pure and simple, laws that can send a person away for decades for uploading a song, but a few years for a a child molester is grossly unjust. In addition, horrendous laws such as the three strikes. In reality, like war, companies are making a huge profit, which intern is given to campaign elections. It is a cruel an vicious cycle. Worst of all our minority youth pay the price, why is it that the black (37.5%) and the brown (34.6 %) are amongst the highest prison population? Especially, considering it would cost the nation less to EDUCATE them, then imprison them for life. In the end, it is the nation that has to stand up and fight against this cycle.

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