:: Resolutions? What? ::

I’ve tried making a New Year’s resolution and have miserably failed. On multiple occasions, lol. I found this picture and thought it was hilarious AND it defined how I felt about resolutions.

Image Me personally, I feel that I shouldn’t make up a resolution to set myself up for failure. Then I’m going to sit there and beat myself up even MORE about why I failed…which is a waste of time. This is how I look at me being in 2012…take the many lessons I learned (whether it’d be about myself or others) and make sure that I don’t make the same mistakes and continue to grow. GROW!!!!! Not necessarily change, but continue to GROW to build upon the foundation I have laid down for myself to better myself, to make my goals obtainable. I don’t necessarily believe that I am PERFECT (however, I am pretty awesome I must say, lol!!), I believe that I have a lot more room to grow.

I think people put too much time and energy in making a resolution and they even waste more time and energy wondering why they didn’t make their resolution or even trying to remember what their resolution was in the FIRST place lol!! My only “resolution” for most would be to open your mind and embrace the blessings that are coming to you. Step out of the box! Wake up and pay attention! Because a blessing might be staring at you in the face and you’re too blind to see it!

I have claimed that 2012 will be a great year and will continue to claim that it will be a great year! Many big changes are in store for me and I am ready (hopefully, cross your fingers) for what the world has to offer. Peace out 2011, it’s been real! See ya’ll in 2012!


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