My *Three* Cents

***PSA, if you know why I put *Three* Cents, you know me well. Otherwise, oh well *Kanye Shrug* lol

Alright, this is my opinion and feelings regarding the situation, which I am entitled to thanks to the First Amendment. If you have an issue with what I wrote, then speak on it, respectfully, please and thank you!

I know everyone has heard about the Penn State molestation situation where Joe Paterno and the University president both were fired this week. I’m not even going to go into details because it sickens me to my stomach to even type the details smh. If you need details, just google “Joe Paterno” and a list of articles will come up! 🙂

Or, you can take a look at this:;

What I don’t understand is the Penn St. community and why are they defending Joe Paterno. The NCAA in addition to Penn St. students and alumni put Paterno on a very high pedestal because of his coaching career. He had a hand in how successful the football program is today. Yes, I get it. I’m a football fan, I understand the impact he had on the program and college football overall. In light of this whole entire situation, he went to the appropriate personnel and discussed the matter with his bosses. I get it. However, if he realized that they were not going to do anything about the situation, he should have went to the police. I get it, legally he did what he was supposed to do which was report to the proper authority (I personally think as a mandated reporter, you should have reported that to the police!!!!!), morally he messed up. As a result, he and the President are fired from their positions. Even Paterno said himself in a statement earlier in the week:

With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.

If you are saying that, you gotta step. This is a case about the sexual abuse of not only one child but multiple!! If you’re wishing you had done more in this fiasco, why are you still letting this man do what he is doing? Why did you not stop the situation from happening? Joe Pa, I respect your legacy as a football coach, I am disgusted with this whole thing which makes me lose respect for you as a person.

But this is what kills me. Mike McQueary, the man who walked in on the incident happening did not stop Jerry Sandusky back in 2002. Instead, he turned and left. Then this grown ass man went to his father and asked him what should he do. Are you serious??? You did not stop this from happening but instead you went to your dad??? You were 25 years old then, what the hell? You’re well aware that what Sandusky was doing was inappropriate and illegal and you did not stop it? You could have saved that child and other children from being victims of this predatory imbecile who can’t keep his hands to himself and away from minors and you ran away????

Also, Paterno, McQueary and other people within the University knew of allegations made against Sandusky way before this made the news. He was even banned from bringing children onto campus and no reports were made????? What type of BS is that??? That is inexcusable and all that are involved and who knew should have their heads served on platters and have the legal book thrown at them for endangering the welfare of a child on multiple accounts. Also, McQueary was picked to be the Interim head coach for the football team. ***PAUSE*** This mofo came up with a job promotion and did not earn any consequences for his behaviors in this matter??? #GTFOH!

What’s even more confusing is that Penn St. students are protesting in support for Joe Paterno!!!!!!!! For real??? Joe Paterno is not an innocent party in this situation! He had a hand in ruining these young kids lives by not reporting to the police to help and protect them. STOP putting this guy on the pedestal he fell from and realize that these are children’s lives that were damaged because of the lack of urgency to put Sandusky behind bars!!!! From what I’m concerned, he put himself in that position and he got fired for it. Stop defending him!

I read two articles while writing this. One is about how Sandusky faces 460 years in jail for his behaviors.,0,1069094.story?track=rss

This one is about McQueary being put on administrative leave. This is odd because he’s being put on administrative leave because he’s received “threats.” GET OUTTA HERE!!! He should’ve been fired along with Paterno and the former University President for his lack of action!!!

Again, people!! We have got to do better! Protect our youth!!!! We continually complain about how this generation (and future) generations of children are getting worse by the years; however, we do nothing to make the situation better. Don’t talk about it, be about it!



One thought on “My *Three* Cents

  1. *applause* yes, yes! I completely agree. They may not have molested the children, but their cowardly decisions facilitated these horrendous act, therefore they should be make morally and legally responsible.

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