We Have Got To Do Better!!!

I read an article about an 18 year-old girl committing suicide and how she tweeted 144 times in 6 hours before she did it. This young girl tweeted about how she was molested and forced into prostitution.  The article went on to quote her tweets about how she told her closest teacher, CPS, and police detectives. As a result, an indictment was not issued because there was not enough evidence. What absolutely pushed me over to the edge was that 500 people were following her on Twitter. She tweeted:

I’d love to hear what you have to say, but I won’t be around.

Her last tweet:

Take two. I hope I get this right.

She committed suicide by suffocation. 500 people followed her Twitter account and did nothing about it!!!! Absolutely nothing!!! 

We have got to do better as a community in helping young people such as this girl gain a voice when the odds are against her. No one called the police to raise the concern that someone was making suicidal statements on the Internet. They followed her Twitter account, read what she was saying in her Twitter Timeline, and did nothing about it. Someone could have saved her life if they did the noble thing by calling the police. A young life is lost because she cried for help and no one helped her through it. People! We have got to be the village that raises our children! There are too many lives being taken from suicide because no one is doing a thing to help them! Whether it’d be bullying, being forced into situations like this, etc., if a young person (or an adult for that matter) is trying to cry for help, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! 

What if that were you? What if you were the one trying to seek help and no one did anything to help you?




One thought on “We Have Got To Do Better!!!

  1. You know there are times when I read stories such as these and feel a lose of hope for the world, but then I think that perhaps this is a wake up call that God is giving us. The digital age has disconnected us so very much, yet we are trying our hardest to connect. Hopefully, there are those that will learn to look beyond the screen and find a human connection.

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