Ha! How True is That!

This is what a horoscope said about me today…

“You could face a difficulty situation today if you must deal with someone who holds authority over you while remaining unsupportive of your efforts. It may be a difficulty climb and although it requires extra determination to reach your destination, the process also makes you stronger. Don’t complain about your obligations; just roll up your sleeves and get busy. If you put forth your best effort the rewards will eventually flow.”

One thing I can’t stand from people is the lack of follow through. YES I get absent-minded at times (no one is perfect right?) When you’re not following through on multiple occasions, that tells me that I can’t depend nor trust on you to do something for me! Then when I don’t trust you, I tend not to care…and when I don’t care, that’s more problems for you than for me, Lol. I was raised to be able to think and do things on my own if I don’t have the support. If I’m going to step on toes doing that, then why is that person getting upset that I’m stepping on their toes? TIME IS MONEY. Don’t wait my time because if you do that then you’re playin with my money and that is a problem.

Instead of me complaining I’m going to continue what I have been doing…getting it DONE. If one has a problem with how I roll then STEP up to the plate and get your act together…otherwise…#GTFOHWTBS




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