Twitter/FB Beef Just Got Real!

So these two guys were beefing about a girl on Twitter/FB. One guy stabbed the other, ending up killing him! I have so much to say….and I don’t know where to start. Lol.

I’m personally against children under 17 or 18 having a social networking account. But that’s just me. Second, are both of the guys’ self esteem so low they have to beef on the Internet THEN combat face to face?? I miss the days where two guys who had a problem would bout it out face to face then get over it and move on! Can’t do that these days because these fools always want to resort to using a weapon. Sad.

Last, no female is worth stabbing someone over…I’m just saying.! Damn kids!

I feel like people who are a tad older than me said that about my generation. Lol. Now I understand their position on some things!! That girl is probably laughing at them because of their stupid ass behaviors. SMH

Here’s the link:

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