“Teens and Facebook Study” … Did we really need to research that?

I read this article about teens and Facebook. Basically, the article discussed the fact that teens and young adults who spend too much time on Facebook lead to psychological problems. While it’s common sense and a “DUH” moment for me…maybe other people might not realize how crippling Facebook is to these kids!

“In teens who were frequent Facebook users, narcissism was found to be more common. In a slightly older Facebook-focused demographic, young adults, antisocial behaviors, mania, and aggressive tendencies manifested.”

What does that tell you?? In my opinion, the Internet encourages young people to be infatuated and vain with themselves. By who? People who comment on their pictures posted, blowing up their egos, and in turn, they walk around like their shit is made out of Platinum or something. Also, Facebook is making this generation of youth antisocial and Internet thugs. They are willing to put someone on blast via FB or Twitter, or any other social networking website, rather than confronting the person face-to-face…basically becoming a bully and showing off in front of many people…which is sad, because these teens who are being cyber bullied are killing themselves at an alarming rate!!

Also, adolescence is a time where one is learning about themselves and who they identify with…if they’re looking for friendship and comfort on the Internet, how are they to act with their peers? THEY DON’T!!!!

First it’s video games…now it’s the Social Networking websites…put these kids outside and in social situations so they can learn how to interact with others face-to-face rather than through a computer screen. Why? Everything that shines ain’t always gonna be gold! Encourage these kids to learn about themselves and how they identify with others the “old-fashioned way.” Being sociable is an IMPORTANT SKILL in life…they need to be able to work cooperatively with others during school projects, at work, and in relationships! Why are parents inhibiting this??? We have got to do better!

Last, not to mention that these teenagers are missing school and doing poorly on their academics because they spend way too much time on this…again, parents, guardians, role models, we have got to do better!! Remind these kids of their potential, set limits with them and the amount of time they spend on these sites, check on their academic progress…the small things!

Okay, that is my rant for the day…if you want to read the article for yourself, here’s the link!


Peace & Blessings!


One thought on ““Teens and Facebook Study” … Did we really need to research that?

  1. Agreed, it is creating a society of e-relationships. The sad part is that parents are unwilling to monitor and discuss the forum which their child are addicted to. Then again, when the parents themselves have the same problem and other adults around them as well, who can they turn to?

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