Man this week has been busy!! Saying goodbye to students who are transitioning on to high school and to my coworkers who I’ve grown to become good friend with takes a toll. Throughout the weeks, it was nice sharing memories, laughs, and random moments of embarrassment and frustration. Although it sucked to say goodbye, I am OKAY with the fact that everyone who I said goodbye to within these last couple of weeks are moving on to bigger and better things. I have students going to high school, a friend going to law school, another friend who’s going to graduate school, and a friend who transferred to a different site closer to home, which makes her happy. All in all, I am happy for everyone. Sad that I had to say goodbye…and mad at myself that I cried like a damn two-year old at times…lol…it’s my heart telling me that it’s okay to cry because it shows how much I care for the people I am sending off to their respective locations and destinations. I will sincerely miss you all! I love you much!

With that being said, saying goodbye leads to saying hello! Hello to new possibilities, new people, new experiences, etc. I wonder what these upcoming adventures have to bring! I’ll be ready…I have to be nonetheless, lol…but I’ll be ready to take life by the horns!

Saying Goodbye Leads to Saying Hello!


One thought on “Saying Goodbye Leads to Saying Hello!

  1. Keep the positivity going. God always has a door ready to be opened if you seek it.

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