:: You Know… ::

After a conversation with a friend, who pissed me off by the way, I feel like I had to vent, Lol.

One thing I cannot stand is when people assume stuff. Why do you have to make an ASS out of yourself by assuming something about someone. She assumed that I had low self-esteem which is why I don’t date. She also had the audacity to tell me that for a guy to pay some attention to me I would have to lose some weight. Really?

As a friend, why would you assume something like that?? Now she has me sitting here wondering if I said something that triggered it or what. Lol. SMH.

Yes, I am not small, I know that. And at the same time, I carry myself like a lady. Yes, I curse like a sailor, I understand that, but that’s who I am. I know there’s a time and a place for everything. If a guy does not want to talk to me because of my size then he is not trying to talk to me for the right reasons. And for a “friend” to tell me that, for real? Didn’t ask for your advice. If I want to lose weight, it’s for me and my health, not to be noticed by a “man”.

I am comfortable in my own skin, I love myself for who I am, and if you’ve seen my mother I look just like her (Minus the freckles and light skin). She was a beautiful lady! She and my grandmother always told me that looks can go only so far…it’s about how I carry myself and my personality.

Last, God made everyone in his own image. If God wanted me to be a size ZERO He would have made me a size ZERO. I think God granted me the awareness and the gift of being intuitive about my surroundings and the people in it.

All in all, take what you have as a blessing! Too many people are invested in what other people think of them rather than being swayed about what they think about themselves. Stop letting other people determine who YOU are and do YOU!!



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