A Special Shoutout…

…to…all of my family, friends, Sorors, Frat, acquaintances, co-workers, haters, basically everyone who I am in contact with whether it’d be every once in a while, sometimes, or daily. As I was looking through pictures, both old and new, so many memories flashed into my head. It was great! It gave me an opportunity to take a walk down memory lane while laughing, almost crying (ALMOST), and furrowing my eyebrows because I was either confused or just pissed I took that picture in the first place…lol. I want to shout everyone out because I am thankful for the experiences I had with you, both positive and negative. It taught me a lot about myself and it has helped me grow. With all that being said, I appreciate ya! Thank you and let’s keep the good (and sometimes bad) times rollin!



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