I had to do this Public Service Announcement for real!

I take public transportation a lot, which is one of a few things I do appreciate about the Bay Area, and as you know, I observe a lot of ratchedness, ghetto mess, hot ass messes, etc. etc. etc.

As I was going home today, this guy was on his cell phone as he boarded the bus. Normal, right? Wrong! This fool was broadcasting not only his but his folks’ business loud. The entire bus heard his conversation. Sad. Granted, I hear bullshit all of the time, which comes with the type of work I do, and will continue to do. However, you talking about someone’s court case, who you slept with, what such and such said on Facebook or Twitter, is unnecessary. Then he ended his conversation with “I’s an educated ass nigga.” For real? (If you know me well you can probably hear me say that!!! LOL).

But seriously. It goes back to a blog I posted a couple of weeks or so ago about the lady who said to someone “You coulda gave me some dick too but I’ll be ok” and talking about how she was going to get a girlfriend and a virgin man to turn out. We’ve got to do better!

Granted, there are times where we get caught up in a phone call as we’re in public; however, there’s a time and a place for everything. The ratchedness you read regarding both the male and the female…those conversations should be done at home. If you really have to talk about that, why don’t you do it quietly in the back of the bus so the entire population of riders at that time won’t know all of your business. Example, what killed me was when homeboy said “Yeah I’d waste my gas money on that bitch cuz she so damn bad. I’d fuck her right now if I wanted to”, I rolled my eyes and shook my head (if you don’t know I sure the hell did, lmao). He looked at me like WTF was I looking at. If you don’t want anyone doing that, then shut the hell up and resort to text messaging! It’s not that hard!!!!

Both times there were senior citizens and children on the bus. Are you for real? And people wonder why our kids are so damn “bad”?? Because they’re observing and implementing the ratched behaviors certain adults display and they think it’s okay.

Okay, let me wrap this up….if you’re one to have very personal conversations loudly in public, shut that shit down. Don’t be mad if someone asks you to lower your voice tone or gives you the side eye. And especially if you think that other people are judging you. If you don’t want other people judging you or being in your damn business, don’t spread it out! #ThatIsAll




One thought on “A PSA…

  1. Terrible…but these are precisely the reasons our kids act the way they do…SMH!!!

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