:: We have got to do better!!! ::

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. But let me get to the point. I understand that life happens and such, but is it necessary to broadcast all of your business in public? Whether it’d be the phone, the Internet (FB, Twitter, etc.), people do not need to know everything. Example, I didn’t need to know that someone could’ve given this lady some “dick” this morning and she was mad at homeboy so she’s going to find herself a girlfriend and buy a lot of toys to pleasure themselves AND that she was going to turn a virgin male out. Are you for real??? FOR REAL??? Did we need to hear that on my way to work……….Lol, Hell to the no!!! We’ve got to do better!!! Discretion and keeping your business to yourself…what the fuck ever happened to that??? Things are way too accessible these days. People need to sit their asses down and get a damn life. #thatisall

And can I shout the parents of this girl I saw at this promotion out today??? Last year there were some random outfits, but this year, it was a lot better. Ladies were dressed like they had some dignity and self-respect. EXCEPT this one girl…praise God. Had the nerve to wear this short black skirt with some nylons and suede looking booties and on top of that have a shirt that was laced in the back showing all of her back and bra and what not….if that were my child I’d take that shit back and beat her ass while I’m doing it. Are you for real??? We’ve got to do better people! If we expect to hold our kids at a higher standard we must be that example. It’s not okay for someone to dress like they’re going to the Right Track or to Tao in Vegas, or where ever it’s appropriate to wear that as an ADULT at an 8th grade promotion. SMDH

And can someone please tell me why is it okay for men to wear skinny jeans??? They must not want kids at this rate. Lmao. We’ve got to do better!!!

Ladies!! I know I’m not small, but whoever said it was okay for big girls to wear backless shirts showing all of their business need to get slapped for real! KEEP it in the shirt please! We’ve got to do better.

Parents! When has it been okay to encourage a kid to tell you to sit your ass down?? Deck them in the mouth! We’ve got to do better!

Any other thoughts, holla at me!!!!


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