:: Morning Laugh! ::

So I was reading through CNN this morning during a quiet period for my students. I look at this headline…and fell out laughing:

Dumb Kentucky woman wields sword at Pizza Hut

So you know me, I clicked on the story! Here is the following article from a blogging website.

You all know the old saying, don’t bring a sword to a pizza party. Wynika Mason (pictured) did not get that memo when she allegedly unleashed a sword from it’s scabbard in a Louisville, KY Pizza Hut this weekend after an argument got heated.

Whether she intended to Knight someone for conquering the dreaded Meat Lover Supreme, we will never know because her brother, Lord Mason, took the sword away from her and put it in the car.

After making employees and diners feel “threatened” with the mighty wielding of her blade, police were called onto the scene even though the weapon had been apprehended.

I have never heard of a medieval-themed Pizza Hut, so I am going to go ahead and guess that this is pure crazy on Mason’s part. Yes, the giant plastic cups which you drink swill from do seem a tad archaic but again, nothing that would inspire sword play.

It’s too bad Mason didn’t grow up in my college town which had a local Lord of the Rings themed pizza joint called Bilbo’s. It was notorious for feeding all of the local pot dealers, gutter punks, and disturbed individuals who would not look twice if you sat down for some piping-hot Hobbit Sticks and a chalice of grog whilst donning a shield and dagger.

This kind of rowdy behavior although normal for medieval times could have gotten her drawn and quartered so she should be thankful she is facing current day charges of first-degree disorderly conduct.

Are you serious??? This chick set African-American women back like 10 years. That is ridiculous! WHO carries a sword for no apparent reason to flash on someone at Pizza Hut???? I just don’t get it. Pray Church! 2011 is the year of RATCHETS! SMDH. I’m out!


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