:: It’s All A Test… ::

These past couple of weeks with work and school have been a test. Both placements tested my patience, my endurance, my energy, etc. With a couple of incidents dealing with bullshit from both sides, and not to mention with being a good friend to some folks who are going through some shit by listening to their problems and what not…it took a toll on me! I didn’t realize it until everything died down…school ended Monday, work has been okay for the most part…and I have been sending people to voicemail. My nature is that I want to make sure that everyone and everything is taken care of, and I will run myself to the ground to make sure that it’s done. I can’t do that anymore…I need to live for me. I mean I’m 26…single…almost with my M.A.Ed…ready to start my career, and I spend most of my time dealing with other people and their shit, and not enough time on myself. This is all a test. This is a test to see how well I am taking care of myself…how well I am replenishing my fuel (patience, endurance, energy, etc.)…and I failed that test. Time to start taking in other people’s shit and start focusing on my own……this test will soon be taken over and this time conquered in the near future.


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