Man, I had to shout this out…

So a good friend of mine shared a video with me of these two kids, who can’t be no older than ten years old, freakin like they belong in a club. It does happen, yes, I understand that. But for real? Shoutout to the parents and adults who supported this because that was absolutely disgraceful and horrible. Do their parents not see possible repercussions from this??? Adults have the tendency to complain about the future generation being sexually active, babies having babies, young folks getting diseases that are incurable from their poor choices of having unprotected sex. What are these parents going to think down the line when their son or daughter is doing all of that? They’re the ones who promoted this in the first place, they should blame themselves and not their child. Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but it is our responsibility as adults to teach these children the right way they should go…equipt them with tools that they may use in their future that would encourage them to grow up to be mature, responsible citizens. Just. Ugh. Lol. I’m hella mad. I mean where are they when they are watching these ratchet music videos and listening to music they’re not supposed to listen to? This media is sexualized and they are targeting kids this age! But I assume their parents and other adults involved are too damn stupid to understand that they reap what they sow…Brainless asses. Lol.

But! on a positive note, I am thankful that I had my mother and other men and women who taught me how to carry myself as a young lady. I may have been thought to have an old soul back in the day, but as I look back on it now, I am grateful because it gave me a unique perception on things. Love ya much!

I had to vent that one out for real! I’m just sayin. It’s not okay to be parading your kids like some freaks in the industry. I’m just saying! Deuces!


2 thoughts on “Man, I had to shout this out…

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