:: Geeeez! Can i just smile without someone judging me please!?!? ::

After a long day of work and being in thought about a lot that’s been going on, I am waiting on this bus to go to my humble abode. Sun is out, wind blowing through my hair, and I’m listening to some Ryan Leslie that’s putting me in a better mood. I walk by this older lady, I smile and say “Hi” and her response “What the fuck you smiling for? Aint nothin to smile about.”

Are you for real???? I am being as polite as I can be and this sista puts me down. In retrospect, that is nothing but the devil trying to steal my joy. I have a lot to smile about, even in the face of adversity. I’m tired of letting other people try and take my joy. Can the haters make a U-Turn and get away from me please? Stop putting other people down because you’re going through something. It is not fair to them. That is all. Good day folks!



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