Time to Re-evaluate…

It’s time to start re-evaluating some of the people I keep close to me…time to start being my natural observant self and think about whether or not the person (or people ) I have uncertainties about has my best interests at heart…whether or not they’re pulling from me more than they’re giving their part of the friendship…whether or not I’m being taken advantage of…or even if they consider me a friend to them. As a Pisces, I’m sympathetic, sensitive, compassionate, but also feel like I’m being pulled in two different directions, making it difficult for me to make concrete decisions! In this case, the concrete decision I need to woman up and make is to whether or not cut these individuals from my life completely or just don’t make an effort in making sure their well-being is alright.

So take this PSA (Public Service announcement) with caution…if you’re talking about how much of a “friend” I am to you but you’re not doing the same…chunk up the deuces, delete my number and keep that shit pushing. I am tired of being an emotional crutch for other people who aren’t there for me when I need them. I am tired of busting my ass to make the friendship work when it should be a 50-50 effort. I am tired of being selfless with individuals who don’t appreciate it…it’s time for me to be SELFISH and do ME…and make sure I have that energy for the ones who are on the same level as I am when it comes to being a friend. If you’re one to put your emotional bullshit on me and not return the favor by being the ear that could listen to me…adios!

With all of that being said…I am tired of clogging my life with a bunch of trash…time to appreciate my treasures! If you’re one of those individuals, shoutout to you and I appreciate the fact that you’ve been there through thick and thin with me! Let’s keep in touch more often if we have lost touch throughout the years! ❤



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