:: Ignorance is Bliss??? (Part 1)::

…I don’t think so!

Man 2011 is starting off with some Ignorant Ish!!!

Let’s start off with the mother who received a 5 year jail sentence for sending her kids to a better school district. She was doing what all mothers are supposed to be doing, which is creating a better lifestyle for their child compared to what they had. She was a single mother of two living in the projects and wanting better for her kids landed her in jail? Big slap in the face right there. If it’s not people criticizing Black mothers who live in the projects and labeling them as “ghetto”, it’s this…what they’re doing what’s right in their eyes, which is in the best interest for their child. This pisses me off to the tenth power. What if the mother was White? She’d get a slap on the wrist and a warning. Ridiculous. Racism doesn’t exist? Those are the same people that say that ignorance is bliss.

…to be continued.


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