My Defined Purpose??

Man, what a rough morning! But God continues to bless me and remind me why I am in certain situations.

This morning, I learned one of my students lost their parent yesterday. If you know me, I lost my mother back in 2002 during my senior year of high school to Breast Cancer (Rest in Peace Mommy!). Yes, the same feelings of grief and hurt came back when I spoke to them about it. When they cried, it took all of my might to hold back tears, but I was strong enough to do that. Praise God.

This brings me back to when one of my best friends lost their mother in ’05, and some other friends lost family members that were very close to them throughout the years…and how much of a support network I was for them. Primarily because I knew what they were going through and because God has blessed me with the gift of patience and understanding. When I told my student that I knew how it felt to lose a parent and that I was there for them when they needed me throughout the day, their face lit up a little, which made me feel better.

All in all, I was put into this situation for a reason…wasn’t for me, but it was to further demonstrate my purpose in being a support network to those who need someone to just listen to them. Which is why I go hard at my job and I’m in graduate school to become a teacher because not only I get to spread knowledge, but to also lift people up when they are going through it. For that, I am thankful.



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