Real Life Superheroes????

I heard about this but was still unsure until I read a couple of articles this morning about it. There are guys who dress up like superheroes and go out and help fight crime? Are you for real? While there are delays in emergency responses, I get that. But they are grown men who are carrying tasers and hooks to fight crime? Are you for real? Mind you, they are dressed in their costumes LIKE SUPERHEROES and go out into Seattle to respond to crime. While I understand that they’re doing that to help others…on the other hand there are a plethora of other options for them to take upon to help others. Donate food, money and/or clothes to a charity. Volunteer to help out at an afterschool program. Rather than being a group of grown men vying for attention to dress up as superheroes and go out into the community and “fight” crime. I just don’t get it. That is my random thought of the morning. Lol.


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