I feel…

….exhausted! Mentally, physically, and emotionally. I look back on how I ended 2010 and brought in 2011 and the one word that came up was WORK. Although I ended the year with a vacation in the BEST land on the WEST SIDE (L.A.), and I spent it with family and friends whom I love dearly, the majority of my time was not dedicated to the sleeping in, but it was dedicated to me being in scholarship mode! I had a paper due that first Monday I returned to LA, and I had the CSETs that were taken yesterday. I didn’t get paid to do that, I was paying the state to do that, lmao!

But back to the topic at hand, my point is that I had to SACRIFICE the sleep, the fun, the late night partying, the alcoholism, etc. etc. etc. to make sure that I was on my business. The people who I spent time with over the two weeks understood that and respected it. I love them all for that. But if you’re one of those people who didn’t, that’s your loss. I’m going in 2011 with the “I don’t give a damn” (I had to clean it up! lol!) attitude. I’m doing me. Yes, I do sacrifice my patience and efforts to help others, but what’s the point in trying to help or talk to someone who doesn’t want the help or advice? My goal, is to pick and choose my friends…keep them close like family and have the enemies with their hater shades on a distance from me. If your feelings get hurt, too damn bad! This is your only warning for 2011. Lol! Let’s get it!


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