My Horoscope Today

I’m a Pisces, the best sign alive ;). And I check my horoscope on my BB from time to time. This one is so true for me!!

“The year ahead is a time to open yourself up to new opportunities. If you can be welcoming of possibilities that lie outside of your current comfort zone, you will expand your life in so many ways, Pisces. Don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines and tap into your creative spirit. You haven’t expressed enough of your imaginative side, and that’s a shame. You are one of the most intuitive, creative signs, and you literally need to exercise your talents on a regular basis or you will become stagnant. Tonight, as you ring in the New Year, celebrate your uniqueness and be open to the possibilities.”

If you know me well enough, I’m used to a routine. I’m a stickler about time. I’m resistant to changes because they throw a wrench in my routine. Showing emotions (sad, depressed, gloomy) makes me feel weak. I have my misconceptions and reservations about a lot of things.

I had to go there because going into 2011 with an open mind and being able to accept the things that happen for me will open more doors and help me further step out of the box. This is what my resolution should be…Going into 2011 and beyond with an open mind. Check me on this one ya’ll!! 🙂



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