For Real??

What is with this ratchedness of a Twitterbeef between Chris Brown and RazB from B2K?? Who even remembers him???? Lmao. Apparently RazB said something “disrespectful” about Chris Brown regarding doing wrong by an intelligent woman (Is Rhianna that intelligent really? C’mon. Lol). So Chris makes comments regarding RazB’s accusations of being molested. Really??? It’s sad when it comes to having beef over a Twitter comment. People post the most ignorant BS on the Internet anyway so why give RazB any more attention?? He’s been all over YouTube recording his conversations. YouTube and Twitter are not forms of therapy!!! Get some help rather than trying to get under someone’s skin. Smh. But. They’re human too right? And Chris Breezy…wow. Making those comments about someone’s sexuality is a low blow. You’re never going to live down putting your hands on a female so deal with it and move on. So stop letting someone who is vying for attention get to you. #smdh



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